Christoph Hartmann on October 20th, 2006

SMESA is the abbreviation for Semantic MEthods in Service-oriented Architectures. It is our intention to use existing domain ontologies in order to find services based on their semantic description. This search facility will be incorporated into a tool codenamed “Raccoon”. It will enable for semi-automated service composition in a CrossVision landscape. Generally, we concentrate on semantic matching of input/output parameters and leave the final selection of a service on the user. Our lightweight solution should assist the user when composing services in order to fulfil a certain business process. It is assumed that the user is a domain expert with at least some technical background.

Smesa mosa-X Project Page:

Pfd Smesa mosa-X Project Page

Smesa Team Members:

Lars Blumberg, Sebastian Böttner, Christoph Hartmann, Torben Schreiter, Martin Sprengel, Tino Truppel

Project Poster:

Smesa mosa-X Poster (Small Size)

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  1. Raccoon is a cool tool. I use it every day.

  2. Hello. I am back again

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